The best professional photo editing app for android

I often get asked what is the best professional photo editing app for android. Honestly it was hard to give a single answer in the past, but as of now (2019) the clear winner is Lightroom CC. I’ll explain why below and list some other options, a mixture of paid and not paid.

What makes an editing app Professional:

To be a “Professional photo editing app” it must support RAW files, I have a post about RAW files and what they are, if you need a refresher. It should also support selective editing any by that I mean the ability to change parts of the image

There are a number of reasons that Lightroom CC is the preferred app and that is it:

  • Supports RAW photos shot on the phone
  • Lightroom Syncs to the cloud so you can edit photos on the laptop later. Alternativly you can start editing on the laptop just before exporting on the phone. (Advanced Tip: This is really useful to make sure the colours look good on the phone screen before posting to social media.)
  • Almost all the features/settings you need are available on the phone version as are on the desktop.

My Top 3 Professional photo editing apps for Android:

Here are my top 3 apps that I have installed on my phone and a quick blurb about why I use/have used them, there MANY more that I could list but these i keep coming back to.

  1. Lightroom CC : As above its an amazing way to edit JPG or DNG (Raw) Files shot on the phone. The selective editing and overall APP design make it the best to use.
  2. Snapseed: This also allows Editing Raw files and selective edits. It is a much more confusing layout however as its free its a must have.
  3. VSCO: An amazing app but as of writing this it doesn’t support RAW files on Android.

As more and more people use phones to consume content the images we create and videos are the perfect size to be displayed, The usage of Mobile Devices to create professional content is almost a required aspect of the era we live it.There are other reasons we may not use a phone for professional creation but its not due to the quality its more about the compositional limitations.

Learn more about photography and editing in mobile apps:

If you do want to learn more about mobile photography, I am going to release a course so be sure to jump on the mailing list. If you want to get started you can find my FREE photography assessment quiz a bit of a guide to see where you at in your photography journey.

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