USB Cable Organisation

If your like me you collect a lot of cables over time! And while you can get rid of a lot you dont need sometimes you just need a way to store them which is fast to get out and fast to put back when done.

Here were my requirements for how i wanted to store all my Cables.

  1. Must be fast to put away (or I wont do it)
  2. Must be easy to get out (easier than a pile on the floor or sitting in a drawer
  3. Must be organised by cable type so its fast to find the.

Ive gone through a LOT and i mean a LOT of methods from bags and velcro straps to all sorts and recently i stumbled upon this method!

You can see the how to in my video here:

For the readers here is the SIMPLE step by step

  1. Buy These clamps (I got them from Amazon you can’t have enough.. really.
  2. Buy a Sponge or something squishy that fits inside.
  3. Cut the Sponge to fit inside it doesn’t have to be perfect.
  4. Easily slide one or more cables in
  5. Clamp to a coat hanger etc.
What you need!
The assembly is very simple!
Fits one or many cables!
Clamp it anywhere or just put away like usual!

Hopefully someone else out there finds this useful!


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