3 Advantages of Motels (#SupportLocal)

I’m not someone who avoids hotels I just prefer motels because you can park at the door!

I created a video talking about how I like staying in motels for road trips, with really three major reasons:

  1. You can park you car at the door and it’s a short walk to carry bags in, for me this is a huge deal especially with camera gear and drones etc.
  2. The second is it’s a great way to cleanup get dry and warm , as well as organise the car and your equipment after a few days of camping and it’s great to do that before arriving home.
  3. And the last is that they are usually not super busy and have space for you to check your gear fix-up your car (tidy) and maybe even test a drone or tripod.

The free coffee and biscuits is also a huge reason, but I try to keep that private.

In the Video I mention a few ways I book hotels

  1. I search on google maps and call them or book directly
  2. I use Booking.com to find cheap motels near me.
  3. I just look and drive into a town (This is really the most fun way)

If you want to see the video I’ve included it here:

Maybe there are some other secret motel lovers out there hiding 🙂

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