How to get into FPV Drones in a Cost Effective Way

Now that I have posted a few FPV Clips over on Instagram, I get asked by a few people who were excited like me when I first saw the hobby and I found it difficult to answer the questions on what to get.

So I decided to create a video that I wish I had seen before I started, just an overview of what you might be in for. There are a lot of videos out there so hopefully this one has its place and gives a bit of a unique perspective of, what to buy and why.

My suggestion in summary is to buy a good brand name controller and connect it to the Sim, and buy cheap googles and drone when your ready. If you dont’ like it you can always sell it because its a popular product.

I think this is the most cost effective way to get into the hobby before you jump in with two feet and end up with a lot of time and money invested.

Enjoy and feedback always welcomed.

My first real FPV video I posted to Instagram is below:

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