Galaxy Note20 Ultra vs Galaxy S20 Ultra and Milkyway Tips

I was interested after taking some Astro photos on my S20 Ultra how the Note20 would compare.

So i made a video about it.

I included all the same links here to save you a click!

Video Description:

In this video I compare the S20 Ultra and the Note20 Ultra for Astrophotography. I find essentially they are the same and I go through some of the new settings that I found to work better since my last video as well as some techniques and BTS from my shoot to show you how I shot and edited the photo you see in the thumbnail.

Tripod: I’m currently using the Sirui T-024SK  but any good tripod will do.

Tripod Phone Mount: I personally am now using a Sunway Mobile phone holder ( which I really can recommend enough. It can naively mount in most Arca style tripods or has screw holes 1/4″ and 3/8″ to support base plates or direct mounts.

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