Stuck at Character Selection Screen 3.9.1 – Star Citizen

There is a known issue with loging into Star Citizen at the moment you can read the information at :

We’re aware that many of you are experiencing issues with connecting to the game at this time. The team is investigating and working on getting things fixed up as quickly as possible. There’s a tremendous amount of you all trying to connect and experience Fleet Week.¬†The Free fly will begin as soon as things have stabilized.¬†Check back here often for further updates. Thank you for your patience!

[2020-05-22 Updates]
1830 UTC – Services are returning to operational status.

1951 UTC – We are investigating issues related to the Login Queue.

2205 UTC – The UEE Fleet has arrived and Expo Halls have opened to the public.
More updates to follow.

So while you wait feel free to enjoy this little test video I made where I rescued my Flipped Greycat with a freelancer.

Looking forward to seeing the new version! hope its fixed quickly.

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