TBS Tango 2 will not turn off – solid yellow or orange light

17 – 07 – 2020 : NOTE: It looks like this might have been solved in latest firmware it was discussed in the TBS Livestream. As of this time the firmware is Beta 1.14 I wrote on a guide on how to update the TBS tango 2

I Just wanted to create an share how I fixed the problem when the controller wouldn’t turn off , after a few mins of stressing I’d have to remove the back cover and also looking at the online TBS Tango 2 Online Manual. I was about to email support when I finally figured it out.


TBS Tango 2 stuck on with orange light (or yellow) and the will not turn off.


Hold down power button for a long time 20secs or more and then let go, it won’t power off until you let go of the button so you need to try longer if it didn’t work the first time. I had do do this a few times before I held it long enough.

Alternative Solution 1:

The alternative solution which I almost considered before I found the first was to follow the Instructions in the Online Manual for how to remove the back cover and unplug the battery.

Alternative Solution 2:

The second alternative is to let the controller run flat. This could take a while as its hard to saw how the controller is locked up, but you can see its drawing LED power.

Bonus Information

In case this didn’t work and your wondering like me what the TBS Tango 2 Status lights mean here is a section from the above linked Tango 2 Online Manual.

Status indicator
When the remote is powered on, the LED behind the button will flash green. The built-in LiPo battery is charged every time a 5V power source is connected to the micro-USB connector.

IndicatorButton LED indicator StatusWHAT IT MEANS
GreenRemote powered on and receiver is bound
Green BlinkingCrossfire in bind mode
YellowRemote Powered on and no receiver is bound/ active
BlueCrossfire receiver update is running
RedBattery is charging (radio turned off)
Source TBS Tango 2 Manual Feb 2020

Hopefully this saved you some time! Enjoy flying!

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